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In late August 1981, the Chrisoula K got underway from Italy with a cargo of floor tiles destined for Saudi Arabia. The ship, under the command of Captain Kanellis, made safe passage across the Mediterranean Sea, One source states that Captain was on the bridge for the entire passage from Italy up to this point and then turned the helm over to another officer in order to retire for some well-earned rest. True or not, the ship continued on its passage south, steaming at full speed, when it struck the northeast corner of Abu Nuhas.
There was apparently enough damage to the hull of the ship that it was considered a total constructive loss. The 21-man crew was picked up by the Egyptian Navy based at Hurghada and delivered to Suez shortly afterwards. The ship soon began to take on water and, with her bow firmly embedded in the reef, began to sink by the stern. Eventually she settled on the bottom at the base of the reef in 20-30 meters of water.

Chrisoula K


Hit the northwest corner of Shaab Abu Nuhas at full speed with its cargo of timber in April 1983 and lies next the coral reef.
The entire wreck can be seen from the surface because of the good visibility.

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Giannis D

Ras Mohammed

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This site extends East and West around the island of Seyoul Kebir. The reef has an extremely varied profile.
Another name - SIYUL KEBIRA

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Entry takes you straight to a sand eel garden, which you must approach with care in order to prevent the eels hiding under the sand. There is a lot of life here including thousands of tiny fish in the water near the reef, octopus, clownfish, parrotfish, and butterfly fish.

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Shaabruhr Seyoul is an elongated oval-shaped reef located to the southwest of Shaab Abu Nuhas.
It has become commonly known as Blind Reef due to its location (totally below the surface).

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The Thistlegorm, on the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula and 40 km from Sharm El Sheikh, is the best known and most popular wreck dive in the Red Sea. The 125m long British army freighter sank after just 18 months of her launch in April 1940. Her last voyage commenced on the 2nd of June 1941 as she sailed to Alexandria and was loaded with wartime supplies during World War II. A long list of inventory includes tanks, aircraft, armored vehicles, Jeeps and Bedford trucks.
In spite of being privately owned and operated, the HMS Thistlegorm was nevertheless fitted with a 4" anti-aircraft gun and a heavy caliber machine gun when she was drafted for war duty
But it was never to be. In the early hours of 6th October 1941 the Thistlegorm was split in 2 and sank almost instantly after being hit by 2 bombs from a German long range bomber. The hit only blew a hole in the port side of Hold no. 5 but then cargo tank ammunition ignited, causing the bulk of the damage.

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