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Dive Sites


Huge coral formations with wall dropping to over 200m. Panorama is also the home of Anemone city, ranging from 14m up to 5m, ideal for your safety stop.

What you can expect to find

A 300m long and narrow barrier features a “plateau” in both north and south extremes. Superb wall diving dropping off to over 300m with overhangs covered in soft and black coral and giant gorgonians.

What you can expect to find

Reef with a shallow, flat and sandy seabed surrounding it.
Huge amount of marine life.
3 ergs with an abundance of hard and soft corals.

Drift dive   Shallow   Reef   coral garden   Corals Pinnacles  
10 -17
Hard and soft coral and schools of Goatfish

The Brothers are a pair of tiny Islands: actually they are the exposed tips of two massive reef pillars that rise from the abyssal depth. Good chance to see sharks.
A - Big Brother: The larger of the two, is easily identified by its Victorian stone lighthouse, a legacy British rule. Many dive locations possible.
B – Small Brother: Small Brother is inferior in size only. Like Big Brother, this site attracts numerous sharks, including grey reefs, hammerheads, tigers and even the ominous oceanic white tip.

Big fish   Deep dive   Drift dive   Reef garden   Sharks   Island   Drop off  
What you can expect to find
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